bamboo watche and bamboo sunglasses with different kinds of style


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    How can?we bring the bamboo and other natural materials into the fashion industry. And how can we bring the wood fashion into our lives to wear, use and so on. As an integrated supplier of bamboo fashion products. We have been developing and expanding more new areas. At present, including bamboo sunglasses, bamboo optical frame, bamboo watche, bamboo bow tie, bamboo accessories, and other supplies. We produce our own products. And we also integrate supply chain resources for our customers to provide a more complete product line.
    We have been thinking, what kind of bamboo products is in line with the market? Is the style, color, new materials or environmental protection? Everyone has their own answers. But we continue to develop new products, and we want to get more user feedback.

    From the selection of wood. Finished product quality inspection and other aspects. Also, we must carefully consider and develop the corresponding standards. Because every piece of wood is unique in the world. Whether it is lines or the depth of color.?At the same time, we hope to use more materials can be degraded to protect the environment. To protect the environment as one of the purposes of the company.

    If you have any problem, please contact us. Your feedback is useful to us.

    Thank you