bamboo watch & wood sunglasses with different kind of styles


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    Custom Design

    What is DIY? In fact, DIY is “Do It Yourself” English abbreviation. Initially raised in the computer assembly, gradually interpreted as a popular way of life. And we open the DIY section of the purpose is to provide our customers personalized, self-help products. So, customers can customize their own optimistic about the bamboo watch and glasses. Because the user is asking what new recommendations. But you are your market most understand the consumer experts. The most important thing, we do not want the same market sellers are in the same appearance for the product price war.

    DIY this section has two themes, one is the bamboo sunglasses DIY, and the other is the bamboo watch DIY. Own moving the mouse to assemble your product. Then through the schematic way to show the effect of finished products for your decision to help. And our advantage is that we have their own production, manual customization for your design. We can provide you with a set, a trademark can be customized.

    Our DIY function in the continuous improvement. If you have a better proposal, you are welcome to contact us. Email: [email protected]

    Finally, if you have any question, please contact us.

    Thank you


    custom your watch

    New customize model is coming soon


    custom your watch

    New customize model is coming soon