woods watch &sunglasses made by wood and bamboo


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    Privacy Policy


    SKYMOOD attention to the privacy of users. Our website provides user registration function, is to improve the user to use skymood wood.com to provide more excellent experience. As well as increase SKYMOOD and user interaction between the trust. We hope that through this “Privacy Policy” to explain to you. We will not let your information leaked.

    What are the benefits of providing user information?

    When you register for our website, we will provide product favorites and quotation downloads.

    1, Favorites function: When you browse us dozens of pieces of wood watch wood sunglasses page. It is easy to find you before browsing the product page of interest but a key collection of product features, can help you quickly remember that you Want to focus on the product. You only need to log on account and password.

    2, Quotation download function: SKYMOOD every month there will be new listing and promotion, so have been issued to your quotation is very easy to expire. So, we give the user backstage to provide a quotation download function, to ensure that each time you download the quotation is the latest version.

    How can we use information?

    We may from time to time push our latest style, industry information and holiday blessing. The frequency of 1-2 messages per month. If you feel that this push information makes you uncomfortable. You can follow the prompts, click to unsubscribe. We will respect your decision.

    If you have any questions, please contact us. Thanks.