skymood Custom Logo Wholesale Bamboo Wood Watch Sunglasses


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    About Us

    About Us

    Agency Overview— skymood?bamboo wood watch wood sunglasses

    Established in 2011
    China top 5 in wood sunglasses / Top 10 in?wood watch

    Wenzhou Hante Trade Co., Ltd.———– A professional manufacturing, marketing and R & D wood sunglasses, wood optical frame, wood watches and other wood products of the enterprise.The registered trademark for the”SKYMOOD”.Our SKYMOOD family has made great progress. From a?tiny home basement to now a full team, including a manufacturing division, customer service, and a creative/marketing team.

    We’re nature admirers, wandering explorers, thrill seekers and timekeepers. Therefore, we share a love for one-of-a-kind designs, each watch and sunglasses is naturally unique and made by real wood

    We pioneered the customization modes,??And at the same time, we created with customizable engraving, handmade natural manufacturing.

    We supply for the global fashion brands, professional physical stores, online sales shops and supermarkets and so on. ?Products in line with the EU CE, the United States FDA and other countries of the quality inspection standards.

    As an integrated supplier of the wood fashion industry. ?We are not only concerned about what new products we can supply. ?We also concerned about product details. Hope to work together with you and become your strategic partner.

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    Customer visit

    What is skymood?

    SKYMOOD is inspired from brothers Hunter & Steven, who grew up in the village in China with inferiority complex compared with peers in city, when they touch fashion products in the first time, which bring confidence and excitement to them, they’re willing to bring these feeling for everyone, so they decided to run a brand which can express what it is. SKYMOOD combined two words “SKY” and “MOOD”, which express everyone has a good mood to relax in sunny weather when wearing SKYMOOD products.

    Mr. Ping, the father of brother Hunter & Steven, started to assemble and sell watch from 1985.and now he’s SKYMOOD product quality manager.

    SKYMOOD also provide customized logo service for clients, already serve more than 800 brands customers all over the world. if you need customized service, please contact us

    Customer visit

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    Our Team


    SKYMOOD family members work introduction

    Our company mainly sells wood dial watch and wood sunglasses. As a supplier of bamboo sunglasses, bamboo watch and other products, when we develop from a tiny family base to a complete team. Including manufacturing department, customer service, market, documentary, purchasing, development, finance, personnel and Huge cooperation suppliers, we have been thinking, how can we do good? We understand that a person is unable to complete all the work content, only the team cooperation and their division of labor, integrated screening industry quality resources in order to get better development.

    The following are the main members of the company.

    Steven is Our sales manager and responsible for our customer follow-up and communication and so on.

    Zoe, Responsible for customer follow-up, customer management and network promotion.

    Joey, Order supervisor, responsible for customer order follow up, process management and timely delivery.

    Tina, Responsible for both product development and product technology research

    Hunter, Responsible?for?sourcing?and?procurement.?find?more?profile?providers and?control the?quality?of?materials.

    Alice, Responsible for product taking pictures, picture beautification, design drawings and so on.

    Tom, Customer brand production, laser and trademark printing.

    Robert, Production supervisor, responsible for production and workshop management.

    Thank you for your read

    Our Factory

    Company Profile

    SKYMOOD?as a wood fashion industry resource integration experts. We have two core strengths: Firstly, we have their own production workshop, the product provides personalized customization. Not only customize the product appearance, but also?make your brand. Secondly, we have integrated the wood industry. A lot of factory resources?and long-term partners. For our customers to provide a richer product line. In the wood sunglasses, wooden watches and other fields have a unique advantage.

    After three years of development, we are more and more profound understanding of the product is our company to survive the core competitiveness. So we are very concerned about the quality of each finished product and each component.?Just like the health of our own children. Therefore, we have strict quality checks for each item of each buyer’s order and have developed our own quality standard.

    We are more concerned about the details. First, we are concerned about the surface of the wood sunglasses paint is environmentally friendly. Second, we care about the shape of wooden sunglasses design. Whether the fit Europe and the United States facial features to ensure the comfort of wearing. Third, we care about the lens of wood sunglasses. One to one manual inspection to ensure that each piece of the lens in the production process will not appear scratches, leakage and other quality problems,?care about the clarity of the lens, glasses, comfort and so on.

    Wooden watch, we are more concerned about the quality. First, we care about the hardness of the wood watch glass and scratch degree.?We used Float glass surface sapphire film and hardened. Protection in the way of transport and consumer use. Not easy to damage, not easy to hurt the skin. Second, we care about battery life, and the use of 0.1mm thickness of the pointer. For the protection of 2035 Japanese quartz movement can last more than 2 years for buyers to reduce after-sales concerns. Third, we care about the accuracy of wood watches time, strict quality inspection of each wooden watch, at least 24 hours to test and so on.

    As an integrated supplier of wood fashion industry. We are not only concerned about what new products we can supply, we are more concerned about product details. Hope and you work together to become your strategic partner.

    Then, if you have any questions, please contact us


    Social Media

    First, get in contact with us on the official social media channels of SKYMOOD. And then, follow our latest news on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and so on. In addition, follow our technologies in action on YouTube . Feel free to participate and enjoy! If you have any question, please contact us. Thanks